Are you looking for the company to organize your event?

Audiovisual event design is our unquestionable passion. We realise our clients’ visions, making sure that the stunning visual quality of their events provides an unforgettable experience. Thanks to our impressive technical facilities and professional team, as well as usage of the latest technologies by top manufacturers, such as: L’ACOUSTICS, BARCO, SHURE, NEC, CLAY PAKY, LE MAITRE, MA LIGHTING etc, we are able to realize almost every event.

We are specialists in lighting, sound systems, multimedia as well as stage constructions. We provide services for concerts, gala events, conferences, festivals, fashion shows and outdoor shows. Thanks to individual and creative approach and great engagement in all our activities, we are a trustworthy partner during every event.

Our services:

Sound systems

We are a member of the L-Acoustics Rental Network.

L-Acoustics Rental Network is a collaboration platform designed for the L-Acoustics community. It includes approximately 650 rental companies worldwide, employing 7000 technicians and supporting 60 000 modules of the same standard.
We guarantee highest sound quality. Our own sound system encompasses, among others, the K2 system by L-Acoustics that meets the H standard.

L' Acoustics Rental Network

LED screens and projection systems

We own several hundred square meters of LED screens with free-standing and suspended structures.
Resolutions available for the customers include 3.9mm, 5.9mm and 6.25mm. We also provide projectors and projection screens of various sizes.
Thanks to Barco projectors we are also able to create mapping and visualisations on architectural structures.

Camera systems

SHADOK AV offers solutions allowing for advanced image recording, with the possibility of displaying live content on LED screens and in the form of Internet streaming. We take advantage of platforms, such as YouTube Live, Facebook Live or Thanks to a wide technical background, we can switch between cameras, computers/game consoles in real time. We have a set of tools and image transitions in Ultra HD resolutions, which give us possibility to create professional live content, or to record material from several sources.

Stage lighting

Our stage lighting stock comes only from renowned manufacturers.
Whether you are organising a TV production, a gala, a conference, a concert, a fashion show or a corporate event, our lighting systems will be perfect for your occassion.

Events production

The project starts from examining the client’s vision of the event- we treat each realization individually. Our event specialists analyze the idea in order to confront it with the availability and technical-multimedia possibilities that will ensure a spectacular final effect. Our event team is a group of reliable professionals – designers and technicians.
We take advantage of an impressive-size warehouse and our own fleet of cars, technical facilities and all the necessary materials. We also have spare equipment and emergency plan B, which luckily has never had to be used before.
The next stage of work is taken over by our designers, who prepare the visualization project- the layout of the stage, LED screens, lighting and sound system elements. The computer visualization allows the client to see our vision of the event and helps us plan a smooth assembly.
During the event, our technical team works unnoticed. Throughout the entire show they coordinate the activities and supervise the technical and multimedia elements.

Conference and simultaneous interpretation systems

SHADOK AV provides a wide range of communication opportunities during multinational meetings and conferences, where good communication and reliable mobile solutions are a priority. Thanks to digital technology the sound is natural, even over long distances.

Special effects

Thanks to the fact that we use devices of brands such as Le Maitre and Magic FX, we can create any show requiring special effects in a safe, but at the same time impressive way.

Stage and rigging structures

We design and create stage constructions perfectly suited to the needs of the client.
Our qualified employees are always ready to perform even the most difficult rigging at any necessary height.

We cooperate with the largest audiovisual equipment manufacturers